Reshaping Privacy For Everyone


Multi Blockchain

Decentralize your Online Existence

  • Polygon

    Fully Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity. Multi-Chain Bridged Universal Verification.

  • Polkadot

    A Unique Mailbox with Parachain Messaging. Encrypted conversations, audio & video calls, files sharing.

  • ZCash

    Zero-Knowledge Authentication. Data Privacy and Encryption, Rights Protection and Claims.


Take Control of your Data.

  • One Blockchain ID

    Get your private identifier and use it to encrypt and self-store your data on all your devices

  • Your Permissions

    Fill up your profile, add your interests and Control what you’re seeing and sharing all across the Web

  • No more Spam

    People or Websites / Apps you didn’t give the Permission won’t be able to Send you messages nor Call you

  • Data Rewards

    Allow third parties to use your Data to Show ads or Send promotional messages, you get paid in Bitcoin


Secure your Online Existence

Digital Identity

Self Custodial Decentralized Solution to Store and Protect your Data when you’re browsing online, sign-in / sign-up on websites and apps with a Unique ID


Blockchain Authenticator

A Unique Self Hosted cross devices Signature through a Smart Contract to Authenticate your other devices and retrieve / keep control of your Data


Encrypted Mailbox

Send / Receive encrypted messages through a Powerful Mailbox, sorted by senders, categories and priorities based on your permissions


Online Data Firewall

Secure your Data, Sensitive Documents, Digital Properties, Copyrights, Business Identity, Manage Permissions for Online Tracking, History and Block Unauthorized Ads



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Marketing, Developments, Releases...

Alpha 1.0 Private Testing
January 2023 identifiers activation, profile and interests storage, manage permissions.

Parachain Internal Testing
February 2023

Testing: Polkadot Parachain transactions, mailbox encryption, messages firewall.

Alpha 2.0 Private Testing
March 2023

Encrypted mailbox and data firewall activation, control online tracking.

Data Rewards Testing
May 2023

Partners and authorized third parties activation, rewarded actions testing.

Beta 1.0 Public Release
June 2023

Official public release with all the features in all America.

Beta 2.0 Public Release
September 2023

Official public release with all the features in Europe.

  • Doe Identity Limited

  • PLT. 24, Al A'amal Street, Dubai 2GIS



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